MAMI | Pot

                  Stainless steel pot with two handles

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                  MAMI | Pot By Alessi


                  Stainless steel pot with two handles


                  Stainless Steel


                  The designer Stefano Giovannoni, with the creation of the Mami pots series, wants to give us the pleasure of re-tasting the memories of a time.‎ Mami pots are made of stainless steel, with a base suitable for induction cooking.‎ The black version has a silicone resin coating.‎

                  Pot in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.‎
                  Ø 22.‎50 x 17.‎00 x 20.‎50 cm
                  Content (cl/oz):  560.‎00
                  Ø 27.‎00 x 20.‎50 x 34.‎50 cm
                  Content (cl/oz):  1000.‎00

                  SG100 B
                  Stockpot in 18/10 stainless steel with silicon resin coating, blue.‎ Magnetic steel bottom suitable for induction cooking.‎
                  SG100/20 B
                  Ø 22.‎50 x 17.‎00 x 20.‎50 cm
                  Content (cl/oz):  560.‎00
                  SG100/24 B
                  Ø 27.‎00 x 20.‎50 x 34.‎50 cm
                  Content (cl/oz):  1000.‎00

                  The Mami series consists of all the elements needed to prepare all kinds of delicious meals, just like in the kitchens of mothers back then.‎ Indeed, the product line consists of large pots, casseroles and cooking pans of different sizes.‎ Thanks to the magnetic base, the Mami pots are suitable for any heat source, including induction cooktop.‎

                  After "La Cintura di Orione" by Richard Sapper and "Falstaf" by Alessandro Mendini, Alessi entrusted a designer from the new generation with the difficult task of firing the public's imagination by exploring the archaic continent of “potness”.‎ Stefano Giovannoni, whose style is an explicit reference to a poetry of affections, has brought his interpretation to ancient terracotta pots.‎ Ah, the warmth of familiar aromas in good, big, round pots "with two ears" (as Catullus wrote), here made of functional and practical stainless steel.‎ The “Mami” series also includes oven dishes and frying pans in pressure-cast aluminium with a non-stick coating, a pasta-set and a pressure cooker, as well as a cutlery service and superb kitchen knives.‎

                  ? 22.50 x 17.00 x 20.50 cm
                  ? 27.00 x 20.50 x 34.50 cm

                  Mami Collection by Alessi
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